Non-Fiction Writing With A Coach

Write Your Book On The Island Amrum

→ Only available from October to March! ← 

Would you like to escape your daily work routine to finally get down to writing your book? On the unique and stunningly beautiful German island of Amrum in the North Sea you have the perfect opportunity to do just that. Here, along endless beaches and underneath bombastic clouds and rainbows, you can relax like nowhere else, let your thoughts run wild und gather all the ideas you need for your book.

You don’t know the island yet? Have a peek at some of my photos at Here’s a little teaser:

Amrum (Foto: Birte Vogel) Amrum (Foto: Birte Vogel) Amrum (Foto: Birte Vogel) Amrum (Foto: Birte Vogel)

The coaching on Amrum will run for five days (mo-fr). We will meet daily, in the early afternoon, at my coaching studio, to work intensively on your book. Afterwards you can let the coaching sink in, keep working on your book and finally empty your head of all the unnecessary clutter during a long walk in the grandiose outdoors of this island. That way you will return to the coaching the next day with renewed energy and even better ideas.

And if those five days weren’t enough for you, you can always come back or we can continue the coaching via Skype or phone (see below).

Would you like to know more? Call me or send me an email, so we can suss out what exactly you need to write your book and how I can support you.

Coaching Via Skype Or Phone

If a trip to Amrum is not for you, then you don’t have to miss out on my coaching. Wherever you’re at in your preparation or writing, whether you just had the idea for a book or you’re stuck right in the middle of your 4th draft – I will be your reliable sparring partner.

I’ll be there for you during your preparations, while you’re writing, and I will help you detect all that’s not working in your script. If you don’t know how best to continue, if you’re completely blocked – I will help you. Together we will make your book interesting, readable and helpful for your readers. So that you and your expertise can shine.

With this type of coaching it’s entirely up to you how long you feel you need my service. Once you think you can fly by yourself, you can do that. And if you need to find out, what’s stopping you from flying smoothly, let’s get talking again.

So, what do you think? Want to start right away? Give me a call or send me an email!